Everyone in this world is related to each other by some sort of bond or by some sort of link and that is a humanity or human relation. The first relationship that we develop is with our mother, then with our family and so on. As the title suggests, Human relations in the workplace makes the business grows not by productivity, but also make employees happy. There’s no doubt that a happy employee is a productive employee. The workplace is the place where we interact with colleagues, co-worker and boss, who are from different religions, background, vary-age groups and sometimes even from the different country as well. As not going into detail, all we know that since moving from school to college, from college to the company. We meet new people, engage with them, manage them and work with them. Sooner or later, this happens to everyone.


In the MNC or industry where they’re first motive is aimed or work, then vision or strategy, then belief or planning. There you just not have to work, but also do better than others to achieve success. In addition to this when you don’t like your boss, but still, we have to see his/her face daily, listen to them, when you don’t like your colleague or co-worker, but still you have to sit just next to him/her, communicate with them and we have to work with them. There you just can’t go and say-“Good-bye”, you have to face them daily and adjust with them.

Instead of adjusting to them, if we can break a good human relationship, it will be more comfortable to interact with them. Like John Rampey says, it’s what we do-

Good human relations skills have the ability to change people from managing others to leading others

To achieve this, we all know that if we spend time or we can say that in company’s term, communicate to each other, teamwork, share thoughts, support each other, assist each other or fellowship. You can develop a relationship. What you should not do conflicts or gossips, don’t get involved into this. Remember, whoever comes to you to do gossips, will surely gossip about you.

But I know what are you thinking, there is a difference between words and deeds. All I know from my previous organizational experience, if we do honestly, we can develop that relationship, if we put all our efforts, it is possible. So at the end all I want to say is genuine and be loyal towards your work can make you happy employee and leads you to productivity and success in your life.


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